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Cultured Freshwater Pearls, bleached or dyed = new paint -can't wait till I see (in
my mind) the designs that go with these ...joyce
Welcome to the home of Goden Fine Art - Jewelry.  Here you will find the
available original jewelry designs of Joyce Goden (award winning lifelong
artist).  There are two categories in this site, H for Handmade by Joyce and
F for Finds, new jewelry found by Joyce made by other artists that she
shares and makes available to you
-FYI-The gemstones used in handmade works are from a member of  The American Gem Trade
Association (professionals dedicated to promoting the natural-colored gemstone trade).  Also
Federal Trade Commission requires gemstone treatments as well as man made to be disclosed at
time of sale.   Four categories (there many) are used in the handmade gemstones jewelry found
here. N-Natural=stones not known to be treated  B-Bleaching=Bleached to lighten , mostly pearls.  
Dyeing= adding coloring matter into a gemstone-(different from coloring or coating) & Heating =used
to enhance color, & clarity